Subdivision Development

Subdivision Development

Jatec installs a matrix of cables to provide power and service to homes in Edmonton.

Flip on the light switch after a long day at work and disregard the thousands of man-hours it took to bring electricity into your subdivision and into your home. Gone are the days when power lines circled our communities aboveground. Instead, Jatec digs metres-deep trenches to install a complicated network of cables, bringing electricity to you from kilometres away. What about television and telephone services? Included in these complex underground mazes are all those utilities that make life comfortable and easy.

Once the job is completed, we take pride in restoring the beauty and integrity of the communities we serve, putting everything back in its place. We return regularly to service the infrastructure and ensure electricity, cable, telecom and gas services reach our communities at the flip of a switch.

Jatec has the people and power to complete the following projects:

  • trenching
  • electrical, cable, and communication wiring installation
  • gas lines (4-party trench)
  • street lighting
  • service and maintenance